Call to Order

Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

Special Presentations

Special Presentations

Open Microphone Speakers

Open Microphone Speakers

Item 1

Approval of Minutes of the September 17, 2014 City Council Meeting

Item 2

Consideration of appointments to and removal from boards and commissions and the evaluation and duties of board and commission members (List of nominees is available in the City Secretary's Office)

Item A

Proposed Legislative Program for the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature & FY 2014-15 Lobbyist Contracts

Item B (Part 1 of 2)

Actuarial Audits of the City of Dallas Pension Plans

Item B (Part 2 of 2)

Actuarial Audits of the City of Dallas Pension Plans

Executive Session

Closed Session 6ES Attorney Briefings (Sec. 551.071 T.O.M.A.)

City of Dallas v. Robert L. Kelsoe, et al., Cause No. CC-13-06469-B

Jose G. Ramirez v. City of Dallas, Cause No. DC-12-12519-C

City of Dallas v. Ronald Dale Rains, et al., Cause No. 90714CC

Curtis Lockey et al. v. City of Dallas, et al., Appeal Nos. 13-10884 and 14-10063; 1600 Pacific LP v. City of Dallas, HUD Case File Nos. 06-10-0449-4, 06-10-0499-6, 06-10-0499-8, and 06-10-0449-9.

Legal issues related to Loan Agreement dated August 10, 2009, between the City of Dallas and Sapphire Road Development, as amended

Item C

Employee Advisory Councils: An Engaged Workforce

Item D

City Manager Update (CuSP Report) • Hiring Process Improvement • Sunset Review Process - Selected Departments’ Budgets

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