Call to Order

lnvocation and Pledge of Allegiance

Special Presentations

Special Presentations

Open Microphone Speakers (Part 1 of 2)

Open Microphone Speakers

Item 1

19-242 Approval of Minutes of the January 2,2019 City Council Meeting

Item 3

19-178 A public hearing to receive comments on the reinstatement of the Dallas juvenile curfew ordinance, which provides daytime and nighttime curfew hours for minors - Financing: No cost consideration to the City

Executive Session

Closed Session Attorney Briefings (Sec. 551.071 T.O.M.A.) - Legal issues related to the Texas Horse Park and the contract between the City of Dallas and River Ranch Educational Charities. - E. Tobolowsky, deceased, Cause No. DC-18-17620 - Three Expo Events LLC v. City of Dallas, Cause No. 3:16-CV-00513-D; Cause No. 17-10632.

Item 2

19-243 Consideration of appointments to boards and commissions and the evaluation and duties of board and commission members (List of nominees is available in the City Secretary's Office)

Item A

Options for The Confederate Monument

Item B

Bulk and Brush Collections Program - Update

Open Microphone Speakers (Part 2 of 2)

Open Microphone Speakers

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