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Special Presentations

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Open Microphone Speakers

Item 1

19-1413 Approval of Minutes of the September 4, 2019 City Council Meeting

Item 2

19-1415 Consideration of appointments to boards and commissions and the evaluation and duties of board and commission members (List of nominees is available in the City Secretary's Office)

Item 3

19-1396 Final reading and adoption of the appropriation ordinance for the FY 2019-20City of Dallas Operating, Capital, and Grant & Trust Budgets - Not to exceed $4,043,822,352 - Financing: General Fund ($1,438,064,000), General Obligation Debt Service Fund ($305,451,298), Enterprise Funds ($1,173,519,666), Capital Funds ($872,440,099), lnlernal Service and Other Funds ($191,190,621), Grants, Trusts, and Other Funds ($58,396,1 68), and Employee Retirement Fund ($4,760,500)

Item 4

19-1406 An ordinance setting the tax rate at $0.7766 per $100 assessed valuation which includes $0.5691 for the General Fund and $0.2075 for the Debt Service Fund, and levying ad valorem taxes for the City of Dallas, Texas for FY 2019-20 - Estimated Levy: $1 ,089,085,447.28 (see Fiscal lnformation)

Item 5

19-1407 A resolution ratifying the increase in total property tax revenues reflected in the FY 2019-20 budget - Estimated Revenue: $78,746,427 (100% collection rate)

Item 6

19-1405 An ordinance amending Chapters 2,6, 7, 15D, 16, 18, 27,43A,44,488, 49, and 50 of the Dallas City Code to (1) adjust stormwater drainage utility rates; (21 clarify fees authorized for collection for an alcoholic beverage sales permit and create an offense for the sale of alcohol by a business without a permit; (3) amend the fees for the redemption of animals impounded by the City, for adopting an animal from the City, for a breeding permit, for dangerous dog registration, for aggressive dog registration, and for a regulated animal permit; (4) adjust the fees for sanitation collection disposal services; (5) amend the fees for the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department related to emergency ambulance services; creating a fee for mobile healthcare treatment, and emergency medical service training ride-outs; amending fees overseen by the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, building reinspection fees, inspection charges for high risk buildings and occupancies, plan review fees for fire apparatus access roads and limited access gates that obstruct such roads and installation acceptance retest fees; (6) adjust rates and charges for treated water service, wastewater service, wholesale water, and wastewater service to governmental entities, untreated water service, service connections, and fire hydrant usage; (71 amend fees for tire business licenses and mobile tire repair unit permits, adjust fees for multi-tenant registration administrative failure, adjust the public swimming pool permit fee and the swimming pool manager training course fee, and adjust the wood vendor license fee, the electronic repair license fee, the motor vehicle repair license fee, the home repair license fee; (8) authorize the city to collect a convenience fee for certain fees, taxes, and payments made by credit card; and (9) make certain conforming, semantic, grammatical, and structural changes - Estimated revenue: $17,667,881 (General Fund Estimated Revenue: $4,136,000, Sanitation Estimated Revenue: $7,480,736, Stormwater Drainage Management Estimated Revenue: $2,500,000, and Water Utilities Estimated Revenue: $3,551 ,145)

Item 7

19-1408 An ordinance amending Chapter 2, "Administration," by amending Sections 2-37.12and 2-105, and Articles XVI and XXVI-a (1) changing the name of the Department of Communication and lnformation Services to the Department of lnformation and Technology Services; and (2) changing the name of the Office of Cultural Affairs to the Office of Arts and Culture, effective October 1 ,2019 - Financing: No cost consideration to the City

Item 8

19-1416 Authorize (1) the 2019proposed three-year Meet and Confer Agreement between the City of Dallas and the Meet and Confer Team, made up of the Dallas Black Fire Fighters Association, Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, National Latino Law Enforcement Organization, Dallas Police Association, Dallas Hispanic Fire Fighters Association, and the Dallas Fire Fighter Association; and authorize (2) the City Manager to enter into said proposed Meet and Confer Agreement, to be effective October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2022 - Not to exceed $99,396,934.00 - Financing: General Fund (subject to annual appropriations)

Item 9

19-1400 Authorize (1) approval of the proposed plan design changes effective January 1, 2O20; and (2) approval of the proposed health coverage plans and premium rates including all of the separate health benefit plans for retirees and their families including the self-insured health plans, insured Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, dental and vision - Total cost based on the number of employee/retiree participants - Financing: Employee Benefits Fund and City Employee/Retiree Contributions (see Fiscal lnformation)

Item 10

19-1417 Authorize (1) position changes; (2) approval of Civilian salary schedules for fiscal year 2019-20; (3) merit pay increases for civilian staff effective January 1,2020; (4) increase the minimum civilian hiring rate to $13.00 (includes increasing minimum civilian wage for temporary employees to $12.21); (5) adding new pay schedules for uniformed Fire and Police; and (6) adding a new salary schedule for uniformed Fire and Police Executives - Financing: This action has no cost consideration to the City (see Fiscal Information)

Item A

19-1418 Dallas Census 2020 Update

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